Performance Management

Also referred to as Principal Appraisal, the Performance Management of Principals is an area where we are passionate about making sure we get it right. CONSULTED is NZSTA Endorsed to provide this service. We really make sure that we really get to know the stakeholders and their expectations.

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Principal Appointment

Choosing your next Principal could be the most important thing that you do for your school. That's why it is important to follow a process and to have good, sound, experienced advice right through the process. Remember: hiring a Principal is not about giving a job to someone you know – it all ties back into the purpose of being on a Board- its about increasing student achievement and hiring the best person for the job.

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Board Support

CONSULTED provides support for Boards of Trustees, with over 13 years of experience behind us. This enables boards to share issues and concerns, bounce ideas around and get assistance with complete discretion and professionalism. Boards in rural areas seldom get the opportunity for BOT development in their own setting. Consulted can solve that problem for you.

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Curriculum Development

If you take a step back and look at what it is that your students are learning and what it is that your teachers spend most of their time teaching, would you be able to say that both sets of observations illustrate a setting where the focus is on what it is that the students need in their world when they leave school? Or are they just re-hashing the same substance, style and symptoms that you participated in when you were a student?

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Consulted provides a full range of services anywhere in New Zealand. We happily work in rural and remote areas and we dont charge any more for the privilege than at any other school, aside from travel costs.

Whether it is Principal Performance Management (appraisal) or Principal Appointment, you can contact Consulted secure in the knowledge that we are an NZSTA – Endorsed Consultant in these areas. You can call call NZSTA to check our references.

To ensure that everyone is happy and understands what is expected of them, we provide upfront, obligation-free quotes for all of our services. This way, you can work out your budget and we can be assured of an agreed amount. We dont start work until this process has been completed.

 New Zealand School Trustees Association  – Endorsed Consultants.