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Consulted is a private education and business consultancy based in Timaru, on the East Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

Our mission:

To help educators make informed decisions and choices for the benefit of their students.

Our vision:

All students will achieve and experience success and be the best that they can be.

How can we help you?

We provide low-profile, high-impact advice to educators and boards of trustees across a wide range of education issues. From implementing curriculum change, to recruiting, retaining and re-training staff. We can work withe staff and management in big schools and little schools, state schools and special character schools. We can help you rebrand, or refocus. We can help you see where you can improve and how you can change the futures for your current crop of learners.

Another expensive consultancy riding the gravy train of education? No. Consulted is good at everything that we do, apart from making money. Our costs are based on our time with you, not the size of our office space or any corporate needs. We don’t smother you in screeds of glossy print material and expensive resources. We also do not tell you what you want to hear. We tell you what we see and what you need to know to be able to make positive changes for the benefit of your students.

We are strongly focused on making a positive difference for underachieving learners, with a particular emphasis on Maori/boys. Why? Because these two cohorts (particularly our young male Maori students are over represented in the negative statistics and we want to change that.

We do not believe that all students will, or even should, leave school with the same qualifications, primarily because we know that no two student are the same and the mass-production line model of education needs to stop wasting the lives of successive generations of kids across New Zealand.