IT support and advice

Need help with your network, or just one or two machines? Give us a call and we will get it sorted. From remote support, to on-the-ground face-to-face IT help, we can sort most problems pretty quickly. If its a REALLY big job, we also know who to direct you to and where to source direct, high-level help.

If you are needing advice about network or managed solutions, talk to us. We can talk you through the options and guide you with resources, experience and 100% independent experience. If you are wondering what your next move should be: it should probably be to give us a call.

IT Procurement Support

Are you faced with a minefield of choices about what to get, or where to source it from? Do you want honest, independent help, 100% free from any financial influences or commercial incentives. Call Consulted and tell us what it is that you are looking for and we will tell you how we can help you. From sourcing the best products, with the best prices, to giving you options for disposing of old stock and eliminating ongoing costs.

Principal Appointment

From advertising and shortlisting, through to interviews and appointments, we can help you through this process, or we can run it for you, so all you have to do is pick the right candidate. We are not affiliated to any organisations or groups that may influence our processes, but we do closely follow the processes promoted by the New Zealand School Trustees Association.

Principal Mentoring

If your Principal needs a little help or support from an experienced mentor, give us a call. There is nothing that they will be facing, that another Principal hasnt faced before. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Seek help from an experienced consultant (that’s us) and let us help you.

Board Support

Do you have a new board? Are board members lacking in confidence? Are some unsure of their roles or the functions of the Board? Complications with management versus governance? Give us a call. we will attend Board meetings, run sessions, work 1:1 with any committee, boards or staff to make sure that everyone knows their roles and everyone is pointing in the same direction.


Does your school need a new look, a new logo, a fresh coat of perception? Give us a call. we will do an ‘audit’ of how the school is perceived and how it presents itself, including it’s reputation and then we will come up with solutions to change the ‘view’.

We happily work with communities, staff, students and any other vested interests to get a feel for how the school wants to be presented  and the we work through that with you. Sounds simple enough? Send CONSULTED an email with your contact details >>>>>

Business Support

Are you suffering from staff management issues, loss of earnings, falling profits, theft, lack of brand awareness or any other problems that you just can’t get ahead of? Give us a call and discuss your needs with us. We are low-profile consultants and we can do anything to help you, from undercover ‘staff members’ to policy analysis and product placement, loss prevention to brand rebuilding. Call us.