Why should learners be blogging during class time?

Actually, I think it’s really sad that there are still educators out there in New Zealand that haven’t come to terms with this. To me, that question is as archaic and outdated as the good old favourite: “Well, why should they use Maori in class when they cant even use English properly?”

The answer (for either question) is easy enough to find (if one needs to look) with a little ferreting around in any of the NZC supporting documents, or in many other media:

A blog is a useful tool for extend learning opportunities for learners. Potential benefits include:

  • authenticity – learners get to create authentic writing for authentic audiences
  • developing communication skills – both through posting and commenting and receiving feedback
  • building stronger connections between students, classes, and between home and school
  • motivation to become independent writers and readers
  • opportunities for reflection and discussion.

Click here >>>>  for a range of rationale behind why learners of all agaes should be blogging every day.

For those still grappling with the second question above:

The New Zealand Curriculum emphasises the importance of te reo Māori and the benefits of learning it. The New Zealand Curriculum and Ka Hikitia affirm the value of te reo Māori as the indigenous language of New Zealand. Increasingly, New Zealanders understand that te reo Māori and tikanga Māori are essential components of this country’s heritage. While they define Māori identity in particular, they are integral to the identity of all New Zealanders. This vibrant language supports the development and celebration of our national identity, enhances the mana whenua of our indigenous people and contributes to a creative and successful economy.