Information Technology Support

Information and Communications Technology Support:

What an important sounding line that is, but what does it actually mean and how can we help you?

IT support and advice

If you are having network problems, we can help. From cabling faults, to software distribution, setting up new networks and administering them. Give us a call. We can remotely monitor networks, or provide face to face support for you with your local network needs. (in bath cases, we would need to be familiar with the network, prior to that happening.)

Are you having problems with particular computers? Bloatware or viruses causing you grief? Give us a call.

Has a computer crashed, taking with it all the documents and images that you need? Give us a call. We use military grade software to retrieve data from “dead” computers and HDDs.

If its a REALLY big job, and we aren’t able to fix it, we also know who to direct you to and where to source direct, high-level help.

If you are needing advice about network or managed solutions, talk to us. We can talk you through the options and guide you with resources, experience and 100% independent experience. If you are wondering what your next move should be: it should probably be to give us a call.

IT Procurement Support

If you are about to purchase more computers, but dont know where to get the best deal, or don’t know whether to go down the Chromebook/iPad/laptop/desktop/tablet/Apple/Windows/Linux/Android/leased vs purchase/new vs refurbished road, give us a call; we can help you make those decision, based on your needs and resources.

Are you faced with a minefield of choices about what to get, or where to source it from? Do you want honest, independent help, 100% free from any financial influences or commercial incentives. Call Consulted and tell us what it is that you are looking for and we will tell you how we can help you. From sourcing the best products, with the best prices, to giving you options for disposing of old stock and eliminating ongoing costs.

Please note:Some consultants receive ‘kickbacks’ from companies for promoting / pushing their products. We don’t. Our advice is 100% based around your needs, not ours or the needs of anyone else. We receive no commissions, kickbacks, payments, discounts, bribes, incentives or holidays (we wish!) for suggesting any particular products.